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6 May 2012
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Nikon has introduced a new DSLR camera that has been optimized specifically for astrophotographers. The new D810A is akin to the D810 DSLR, but features a hydrogen alpha wavelength infrared cut filter, which the camera maker says allows photographers to capture quality photos of space in particular. Joining that filter are some features that are likewise tailored to astrophotography; the camera, however, isn't meant for general photography, and so is reserved for those who need a camera for snapping images of the universe.

With this IR cut filter, the D810A is four times more sensitive of the 656nm wavelength, something that makes constellations and nebulae pop with more detail and red hues. Both telescopes with adapters and Nikon lenses can be used, and will work alongside shutter speeds up to 15 minutes in length.

Because it can be hard to determine what a resulting image will look like, Nikon has included a Virtual Exposure Preview Mode that provides photographers will an estimate of what the resulting image will look like at different shutter speeds. Various wireless remotes and cable releases, meanwhile, are available to ensure that images are perfectly clear via remotely triggering the shutter.

As far as hard specs go, the D810A features an EXPEED 4 Image processing engine, a 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, Electronic Front Curtain Shutter mode, and ISO up to 51,200. The camera works with the maker's Capture NX-D application, which includes an "Astro Noise Reduction" feature for images snapped with the D810A.

The Nikon D810A will launch in May; pricing information hasn't yet been revealed.

Nikon D810A DSLR is designed for astrophotographers - SlashGear

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