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Seeking Help No sound in Sundirect HD if I chose Dolby digital +

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Are facing the same issue with model HS2708

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8 Feb 2014
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Yesterday I bought sun direct hd am using g tech hdmi decoder amplifier .. Same amplifier is working with connecting laptop its work super .. Sundirect not working when I change to dd+ and stereo is working perfectly ... What's the issues ???
Which model box you are using bro?


14 Oct 2022
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Hi all,
Recently I upgraded my set top box, due to bad signal reception of my previous Box.
  1. It’s new HD set top box (HS2708)
  2. I’m using provided HDMI cable
  3. And my TV supports Dolby digital audio
Here my issue is after upgrading the set top box I’m unable to get Dolby digital output for some reason, no sound is coming from the Tv if I chose DD+ even though I kept full volume in both set top box and tv. If chose stereo sound is coming.
Previous box is working fine, I’m able to get Dolby audio.
I reported to Sundirect, they sent me a technician who doesn’t have clue regarding the issue.
Don’t know what to do.
Anyone else having the same issue or I’m the only one. If you’re aware of this please try to help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, Everyone Pls change HDMI cable from SUN DTH set top box to Your TV. then it will work if you select audio as "Dolby". Because HDMI cable is not working which one coming along with SUN DTH Set top box. Earlier i also suffer this problem. then I doubt with my soundbar. Then my tenant have Tata sky set top box in ground floor. I took Tata sky with cable. I tried its(Digital audio with Soundbar) working fine. then i removed their set top box and connected SUN DTH set top box then its working fine with Dolby. I thought how come now. then only i come to know i removed their STB not HDMI Cable. so Tatasky HDMI cable connected with my SUN DTH STB. Now everything Clear. MY SAMSUNG DIGITAL OUT supports DOlby Digital and LG Soundbar supports Dolby in Optical Cable. So problem is HDMI Cable.

So I brought New HDMI Cable and connected with SUN STB to TV. Through Digital Audio out (Optical to My soundbar). I selected in HD Channels audio as "Dolby". Its working Fine and Audio quality also marvellous especially SUN HD. and other channels like SUN MUSIC HD, KTV also Good in sorround sound and Dolby. Jai Hind.
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