Not getting signal on some sun direct transponders


25 Nov 2022
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I am not getting signal on some transponders I got some transponders working out of 24 transponders when I get the signal for HD then SD isn't working, And when I get the SD signal HD isn't working. At last I got the signal for both SD and HD, but some SD and HD transponders are not working DD freedish is also not working.
Please help me to solve this problem.
Perfect antenna alignment required. you need to call sun direct technician. because sun direct using 2 satellites. If you align the antenna yourself without satellite meter, you will lost alignment of 1 satellite if you got 1 satellite.
@Fernando.os ask local technician to realign you dish antenna in direction of DDFreeDish you'll get all channel also you might able to connect DDFreeDish.
Also, Welcome to the club!
Thank you all my friends my Tv is working. But some channels aren't working however most of them are working, I think it's the location problem.
Anyway Thank you friends for your great help.
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