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3 Feb 2014
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With politics warming up in Delhi ahead of the
assembly polls, the Muffler Man, a popular
name given to AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, has
now appeared on the Android Play store.

The "superhero", who just like the real guy
fights corruption in (virtual) Delhi, is a playable
character in a free Android game called
Muffler Man. The game was published on the
Google Play store on December 26.

Developed by Delhi-based Digital Agents, the
protagonist of the game is a faceless Muffer
Man. Mohit Ramani, the director of Digital
Agents tells that the protagonist
represents the aam admi. Though one can't
help draw parallels with Arvind Kejriwal who
uses a muffler wrapped around his head and
paints himself as a man who can give us a
corruption-free sarkar in Delhi.

The game is based on popular Android game
Doodle Jump, but with a twist. The lead
character in this game has to jump over
platforms, which represent the issues faced by
common man in India.

The basic platform represents the common
issues faced by the people including things like
safety for women. The falling platforms
represent issues like black money and money
laundering. The jumping platforms are positive
in nature as they represent the Jan Lok Pal
Bill, something that AAP has being lobbying for
a long time. Lastly, there are platforms with
spikes representing the rampant corruption in
the country. If the player hits a platform with a
spike, it dies.

Corruption is represented as the root cause of
all problems in the game. As the game
progresses, the player encounters tougher
platforms and their frequency also increases.
The game is available for free. "This was a
voluntary effort and the entire game was
developed in 5 days," said Ramani.

iOS and Windows Phone versions are also in
the works. These versions are expected in the
next few weeks.
Now, play as Muffler Man in Android game

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