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15 Feb 2019
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The Big Cricket Bash

After all the speculation and tentativeness, IPL 2020 is up and running in the UAE, and doing well for itself. With an approximate growth of 10% in viewership over the previous edition, IPL this year has benefited from cricket starvation enforced upon the home viewers for the last eight months. The season has lived upto its billing too, with several evenly-contested games.

A Rare Weak KBC Season

KBC has not performed this year, and that’s a rarity for a show that has been a family favourite for a decade now. It’s only the second weak season of the show since it moved to Sony from Season 4. Earlier, Season 7, if my memory serves me right, had struggled to engage audience, especially because of the extreme visual disruption it attempted, including a change in set design. This time, the absence of studio audience can be seen as a key factor that may have reduced the magic of the show.

Another Star Plus Era Ushering In?

For the first time in many years, the top Hindi GEC enjoys a 40%+ lead over its nearest competitor. Star Plus has managed its content portfolio very well on either side of the lockdown, and has even managed something that was unthinkable a year ago: A new show (Anupamaa) averaging 3+ TVR. The competition must catch up soon, because Star Plus has got its house in order alright.

Shailesh Kapoor: October Diaries
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