Picture Quality improves a bit....:) with PIC


8 Apr 2011
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Yesterday I was watching a movie on UTV Action, I felt that PQ is very fine though its a SD channel, and I was watching it in full HD LCD.
I checked others channels too and found that PQ is slightly improved...:)
Anyone else felt the same....:waiting:

Pic requested by Jenitkumar
RE: Picture Quality improves a bit....:)

Yes its a bit improved now:up:

Just think If manges to have 7 million customers inspite of being little costly and less channels just coz of its excellent service,imagine with more channels where it will be .:eek:oops:
RE: Picture Quality improves a bit....:)

^^^ Pic now added at first post
tahnx for the nice pic,, really pic quality improved :up:

:D no Mystic is giving high quality pics :p

Really awesome moves by Tata Sky:buddys_by_graveyardwatcher::dance3:
now all music channels pq improved.:dance3:
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