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&pictures to telecast superhero film ‘Spiderman 3’

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
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MUMBAI: ‘Spider-Man 3’, the American superhero film is all set to air on &pictures this Sunday, 23 November.

The final installment of the Spider-man trilogy starring mega Hollywood stars surrounds the life of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) – a young high school student who gets bitten by a spider only to develop super-powers and get onto the good scheme of things – saving the planet and its citizens.

But being a superhero means much more than merely having superpowers – it’s about sacrifice and responsibility.

However, Peter is grown up now in the third installment of the three-movie series and his relationship with his one true love Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) hits rock-bottom. On the other hand, a strange entity with dark powers takes control of him and enhances his power, but in return, Peter has a price to pay.

The movie truly stands by its name – ‘Spiderman 3’ as Peter has to overcome three equally strong villains – his black suit, Sandman and Venom who are all ready to rise up to destroy him and everyone he holds dear. Will Peter be able to overcome all three evils? Will he be able to save his relationship with Mary Jane?

Tune-in to Spiderman 3 this Sunday, 23 November at 12 noon only on &pictures!

&pictures to telecast superhero film ‘Spiderman 3’ | Indian Television Dot Com
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