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Poetry is the most beautiful form of expressing love - Dimple Jhangiani

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
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→ A thing that still hasn't come up to my lips and only peeks through my eyes,
It asks for words, sometimes from me and sometimes from you,
So that it can wear those words and come to the lips,
And so that it could be embraced by words..

But this thing is actually a feeling…only a feeling,
It's like a fragrance floating in the air,
Fragrance, which has no voice…and about which you know and I know too.

It is not hidden from the world, what kind of a secret it is?
Wow, these mesmerizing lines from the great Javed Akhtar can melt a stone, rein an untamed colt and gift a smile to a heavy heart on a cloudy evening.

Continuing with our new section,Irshaad, which celebrates the magic of poems, dohas and shayaris, we speak to another noted actor from the world of television, who lives by art and breathes lyrics.

We are talking about vivacious Dimple Jhangiani who has acted in shows likeBeintehaa, Amrit Manthan, been part ofBCLand many more projects. Let’s go down a poetic memory lane with the actress and spend some blissful moments with her.

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We feel that life without poetry would be incomplete…your thoughts?

I agree. Poetry is the most beautiful form of expressing love.
Do you have interest in poetry and shayari?
I really enjoy shayaris.

I have also downloaded a mobile app which gives me access to many shayaris and dohas on the go.

Has anyone written or recited a poem or shayari to profess their love to you?

Yes, many a time. It can get really crazy, but all good fun (smiles).

In this day and age – where people have lost interest in poetry and that kind of romance, how do you stay connected to shayari/poetry?

I think technology plays a major role here. It helps us stay connected to the art form and allows us to access poems from across the globe.

Earlier we were only dependent on books, but now the horizon has widened.

Do you know Tata Sky & Javed Akhtar are reviving the romance of poetry and spirituality of dohas with Tata Sky’s Actve Javed Akhtar service?

Your comments…
Yes, and I think it’s a great watch and a means to bring the era of poetry back in the lives of people in modern times.

Who is your favorite shayar or poet?

Ahh…I would not like to say he or she is good, but I think almost everyone has written something or the other, which finds relevance in our lives at a given point of time.

Poetry is understood essentially as a soulful expression. It has been used in the past to express all emotions of life (not just alcohol, love and betrayal, as popularly believed). What do you associate poetry with?

I associate poetry with love. Most people enjoy shayaris, songs and poems when they are in love or going through a break up. Such phases make you a shayar for sure and you actually relate to every word more closely.

Javed Akhtar is a magician with the pen. Anyfavouritesong or poem of his you remember/like?

I really love this romantic rendition which goes…Do pal ruka khwabon ka karvan, aur phir chal diye tum kahan hum kahaan.

Poetry is essentially spiritual. Are you a spiritual human being?

I may look like a party animal but I am quite a spiritual person though I have become a little practical now.

To end, kuch irshaad kijiye…
Teri chahat mein hum zamana bhool gaye,
Kisi aur ko hum apnana bhool gaye,
Tum se mohabbat hai bataya saare jaha ko,
Bas ek tujhe hi batana bhool gaye.

For those who are fans of Urdu Shayari and spiritual dohas, check out ‘Actve Javed Akhtar’, the latest offering from Tata Sky.

Poetry is the most beautiful form of expressing love - Dimple Jhangiani
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