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Poonam Pandey will go nude, if India wins (1 Viewer)


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22 Mar 2011
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In a shocking statement, the kingfisher model Poonam Pandey recently said that she will shed her clothes if Team India wins this world cup, rather Poonam is extremely bullish about India’s win and hence is all set to perform the unperformed.

In a telephonic conversation with Poonam, we asked her if she will be really going for it, and sounding as confident as she can she told us – “Yes it is correct, I will go nude if team India wins”, adding to that she also wished team India by saying – “I wish all the luck to men in blue and I know for sure that it will be us only who will win World Cup this time”.


Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Arre baap re................................:bowdownsmiley::smiley-shocked028::D:whistle::hysterical:

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