Power Rangers reboot movie


26 Jan 2016
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The new live-action Power Rangers movie will reportedly connect to the same continuity as the TV show franchise that has been around for nearly three decades. The first Power Rangers TV series, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, debuted in 1993, telling the story of five teenagers who become the defenders of Earth against alien threats.

Paramount is looking to reboot the Power Rangers in a new upcoming movie, directed by Jonathan Entwistle (End of the F---king World, I’m Not Okay With This). Though little is known about the reboot, it was reported the new Power Rangers will be set in the 90s and include time-travel in some form. More recent details pointed to a whole new Power Rangers team suiting up in the reboot, with the group led by a female character, rather than the typical roster that saw a male character leading the charge. Now, further details reveal the Power Rangers reboot will tie into the TV shows in a major way.

As reported by The Illuminerdi, the movie will include Power Rangers suits and Zords from across Ranger history, then further confirmed the film will take place in the same continuity. So all the various Powers Rangers heroes and villains from the last 27 years of the TV show will exist in the same universe as the upcoming movie.
New Power Rangers Movie Will Reportedly Connect To TV Show Continuity
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