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Prithviraj's Open Letter To Fans Goes Viral!.

Saj 007

29 Jan 2015
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Prithviraj's Open Letter To Fans Goes Viral!...

Prithviraj, the young actor is well-known for his outspoken nature. Recently, Prithviraj posted a heartfelt letter to his fans who mistreats the other actors and their films, through his Facebook page.The actor, who stated that half of his lifespan was spent for cinema, began his letter by thanking his fans for the unconditional love and support showered on him, throughout his journey in films.
He remarks that he has always been open to criticism and critics, from the beginning of his career. Prithviraj strongly believes that the success and failure of his films are not related to other actors or films.

But, he is disappointed to watch the way his 'fans' treat other actors and their films, on social media platforms. Prithviraj says it is extremely disheartening and shameful to watch his fans misbehaving.

According to the actor, such behaviour from his fans are not encouraging but is extremely shocking and disgraceful. He has also pointed out that some of his fans are using abusive language towards other, with is disgusting.He has also requested his fans to use their right to criticise other films and actors, in a polite way. However, the actor's touching letter has already taken social media by storm. Well done Prithviraj..!!!

Prithviraj's Open Letter To Fans Goes Viral! - Filmibeat
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