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28 Jan 2014
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Hello everyone,

Those who wants to purchase D2h Stream please consider the following before buying one.

1. No Netflix support. As this setup box doesnt have DRM for Netflix, you cant watch Netflix
2. D2h's own Watcho app will not open. This app is a joke in stream setup box.
3. No information about software update.
4. Security patch is on March-2019.
5. You can sideload apps which are meant for TV. Aptoide works.
6. Customer care is not helpful when it comes to answering anything about Stream Setup Box. Might be they are not educated properly about Android Setup box.
7. This is same setup box as Dish TV, only the color is different.

8. Clarity of live TV is slightly better when compared to regular HD Setup box.

To add to the list on Con's:
  • Does not come with Pre-Installed apps except Prime Video. All other apps need to be installed manually.
  • Does not connect to the Wi-Fi if the Router is not in the same room (as per the technician and also I experienced it)
  • The colour (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue) buttons on the Remote does not have any action (as I come across)
  • I could not figure out what is the purpose of the 'Option' button on the remote
  • Big Con's is that the Technician does not have knowledge of the Android box at all!! :(
I Will add if I come across any other ones.
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