Quality of SD channels in HDTV (1 Viewer)


2 Jan 2014
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Quality of SD channels in HDTV:

Most of the SD channels in HDTV looks like most polluted in Tata Sky.

Only few channels looks good.

My tv is Samsung 32 inch.

what about other dth and tv
23 Dec 2014
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appreciable thread..........well done bro

i have sony bravia 32'' hd ready lcd purchased in 2009........in d2h sd n airtel sd......both looks superb
the pq is very very good in sd stbs for both adtv n d2h

i have one other tv, lg 42'' full hdtv led purchased in 2012......in d2h sd n airtel sd .......all the sd channels except zee tv sd, look horrible with a lot of pixellations.

when i asked from lg cc, he replied it is the case with all the tvs, as they are hdtvs so sd channels will look ugly.

the quality of sd channels in hdtvs looks ugly irrespective of the dth.

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