Rajini votes for AIADMK, Karunanidhi blames him as backstabber


22 Mar 2011
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Exercising one’s franchise is one of the basic democratic rights bestowed on each and every citizen of the country by the makers of our Constitution. It has also been made mandatory that the vote should be kept a ‘secret’ and shouldn’t be revealed to anyone.


Superstar Rajinikanth, though has ‘by-passed’ this provision of the Constitution not once but twice in the past decade. The man, widely perceived by many as the future ‘chief minister’ of the State, voted at a booth in his locality on the day of polling. Whether he did it purposely or not, the symbol for which he voted has been ‘caught’ by the cameras which surrounded him.

Rajini was literally ‘mobbed’ by the media-men, print and photo journalists, the moment he entered the booth. Even as he reached the EVM to cast his vote, some over-enthusiastic cameramen got behind Rajini and caught ‘on camera’ to which symbol/party the superstar voted for. Rajini, on his part, didn’t seem to care much about whether the camera picked his voting or not!

One thing is for sure: Rajini didn’t vote for the ruling party(Needless to say he voted for AIADMK). Later in the day, when he had an appointment to watch the film ‘Ponnar Shankar’ along with Kalaignar Karunanidhi, Rajini felt very embarrassed to be sitting with the Octogenarian politician who was reportedly lamenting to lyricist Vairamuthu that Rajini had ‘backstabbed’ him in the most unexpected manner!
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