Breaking Received New Software Update for Cal Comp HD Set Top Box

changes found -

boot up screen changed, as you open stb, home screen shows cust id and available balance

Menu interface change

transponder diagnostics option added

EPG now shows full channel price completely earlier used to get toggle.

EPG font now smaller as compared to ealier
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Yes some pics please

Have they removed On Demand & smart apps option from menu? Are the hot keys (4 coloured buttons) working now?
My hevc hd set top box software update now idle

My hevc hd stb manual software update now Release no 702





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Hide your RMN & customer ID @Jeebisanthosh bro.

  • Channel price is now mentioned at separate place.
  • Most viewed channels, recommended channels & airtel promotions tab added in menu.
  • TP diagnostics added in System Settings.
  • Ethernet symbol removed from EPG.
  • Smokey appearance removed from home EPG.
  • Due to small font & removal of Smokey appearance, size of home EPG is reduced.
Menu interface is looking bad. They could've placed the menu options vertically & most viewed channels section at the right side. Red & black UI's menu interface is good.
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