Recharge Bonus from Tata Sky


14 Feb 2011
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Now recharge with Rs. 301 or more before your due date and get a Bonus of Rs.15.
Source. Channel 100.
why 301 no 300???????????????:D:D:D
I recharged with 301/- and got 316/- :clap:

I wonder what will happen if I recharge with 301/- again next month but before due date............. will I get 316/- again :thinking:
ya if u recarge again in next month u will get it again............:up:
Ya airtel also follows this : In airtel Rs. 15 bonus in the recharge of Rs.210
also read this-

@admin I got bonus first time, but not this month........My due date is in july-aug.
I think before due date, they will give bonus one time only.
Bro you are lucky that you get atleast one month.

Chk this out-
Between 2 recharge, there must be gap of 30 days or more, to get the recharge bonus.
In my case gap is less than 30 days.
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