Reliance - 5 Day to go ?


25 Mar 2011
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Reliance Digital TV is coming with a bang in 5 days:waiting:
a news on facebook:dance3::dance3::dance3:
It seems to be related to sports, or banging the head against ball ?
i think its a new football channel in Reliance digital tv coming soon:up:
oh man any new also coming soon i think:up:
an other one

i think some new box is going to come
more news on facebook
suspense over
about 250 HD like channel in only HD box
but what's new atleast tell:thinking:
^^^ No new channel, new thing is now HD users can watch all 250(actually 247) channels in HD like quality.
All HD boxes are to be updated in phased manner, mostly are updated.
One more thing all this with no extra cost.
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