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Repackaging propels Zee Studio up the ladder (1 Viewer)

Aayush Aggarwal

4 Aug 2013
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MUMBAI: It was in October last year when Zee Studio underwent a makeover and had changed its tagline from Hollywood on Television to See It All. The move seems to have paid off for the channel as it has tasted success recently.

Zee Studio content and marketing head Sharlton Menezes says that in the last two weeks (weeks 05-06) of 2015, the channel holds sway at the number three position with 15 per cent market share. The channel is at the number three position in the English Movie genre in eight Metros, CS AB 15-44 and All India at 1 million plus, CS AB 15-44.

“Before November, we stood at seven per cent and now we are at 15 per cent. So we have seen a growth of 100 per cent for the channel,” Menezes tells Indiantelevision.com.

Menezes attributes the recent success to the channel’s acquisition of strong library with series like Kung-Fu Panda, Madagascar and Mission Impossible. He believes that when packaged well to the right audiences, impressive numbers for the channel can show up. “We have been ahead of HBO according to this week's data,” Menezes claims.

As part of its content line up for the year ahead, Zee Studio has partnered with Disney and Paramount studios for content. One of the key properties it will showcase for this year will be the Godfather series. “We are looking at the age group of 16 to 30, who have not heard of this series and promote it in a way that 17,18, and 19 year olds would love to watch it since this is a sizable audience that has come onto TV over the last two or three years,” informs Menezes.

The other movie include Iron Man 3, G.I Joe Retaliation and Thor amongst others.

The channel has seen increased viewership numbers in markets like Mumbai and also has sizable numbers in Delhi and Kolkata. “We are looking at enhancing distribution in Chennai over the coming months. We need analogue connectivity there since it is an analogue market,” Menezes informs.

Speaking about the content strategy followed by the channel, Menezes says that Zee Studio’s aim is to offer movies, which can be watched by the entire family. The channel does not showcase movies of specific genres like action or romance but showcases movies across genres standing true to its new tagline of - See It All.

Another reason for the rise of Zee Studio is being attributed to Star India undergoing its RIO packaging as their current numbers are low.

The channel also has a successful micro property called Studio Binge, which is a marathon movie property where movies are showcased back to back. “Binge viewing is something wherein families can watch ample movies at one go. For example on Republic Day one can watch movies, which have a patriotic sentiment attached to it,” says Menezes.

As part of the channel's marketing plan, trade campaign will be undertaken in the coming week targeting 25 years and above, for audiences in the key cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Shedding light on the channel’s game plan ahead, Menezes says, “We are looking at being a strong number two if not number one. We are going to be a lot more aggressive and continue making noise around our properties. Plans are also to focus on the 11 pm slot and try and get higher numbers during the IPL.”

Source: http://www.indiantelevision.com/television/tv-channels/movie-channels/repackaging-propels-zee-studio-up-the-ladder-150221

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