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Reports regarding tax evasion untrue: Dish TV

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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ET Now: Just give us some clarification because what we are learning is that IT department officials are saying that the company has paid less tax than the DTH players with fewer subscribers and there is some bit of a probe that could happen on these lines?

RC Venkateish: Those were news report today, I think is completely unfounded. First point is we are yet to file our IT returns for 2010-2011, so the time deadline for that is yet to come up, so we have done the scrutiny. Secondly that the issue of license fee, as you are aware the TDSAT has ruled that the license fee should be paid on adjusted gross revenue. That matter has been challenged and the revenue basis for determination of license fee is currently a matter, which is sub-judice in the Supreme Court. Not only us but all DTH operators have been paying license fee as the per the TDSAT order but are providing it in the books on the basis of the 10% license fee which is prescribed. So, even in our books we have provided for 10% license fee but we are paying as per TDSAT orders. All the players in the industry are doing the same thing, eventually whatever the Supreme Court decides will prevail but in the interim the differential between the original license fee and the TDSAT order is being provided in our books as current liability and is reflected in our balance sheet.
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