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9 Aug 2011
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Where and which is the 'RESET BUTTON' on d2h remote?
I want to press 'RESET BUTTON' on d2h remote. which is that one?
please help
Thank u
It's In Back Of STB,

It's Not There On Remote
I have HD2011STB
On the back of Stb,
only power input, AV input , HDMI cable. NO RESET option is there.
where is that?
Does 'Reset' mean that pull out power cable from back of STB?
plz enlighten...
For 2222 box restart is there in remote by holding down power button for 3sec.

Reset switch is placed in a small hole behind STB...... It's used for reset/software update from USB/pair rf remote by holding it for different duration of time (sec).....
And my earlier used SD box,I think it was 1011, there was no reset switch in STB.
Jingesh99 said:
Does 'Reset' mean that pull out power cable from back of STB?
plz enlighten...

*Don't pull out cable from back of STB.
*Turning off and wait 5 sec, then power on by switch in electrical supply of STB connected socket is called power recycling.
*Whatever the model of STB, u can factory reset it by going to settings user interface in STB.
Perform Factory Reset (Menu >> Setup >> Factory Reset >> Press OK Key or Menu >> Setup >> Installation >> Installation Code >> Factory Reset >> Press OK Key

First level code:1234
Second level code: 4,6,8,10 th digits of smart card no.
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