Salman admits making love blunders


22 Mar 2011
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It is not a very easy task to get Salman Khan into the confession mode and talk about his personal life.

And when questions revolve around his love relationships - past and present - expect the Khan to trickily steer away from them all. However, in a recent interview on a rare day, Salman Khan decided to open up and answer all the questions coming his way.

When asked about his love life, the breakups and the numerous link-ups, Khan said, "All the girls that I have dated were very good. They not only looked beautiful but were also beautiful people. The problem lied with me."

Taking all the blame for the broken love relationships, Salman said, "I am a very difficult person to handle. I am to be blamed for all my breakups." Though Salman confessed that he has learnt from his past, he declared that getting hooked is not in his agenda for now.
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