Salman Khan app to launch on December 27 to mark ‘Bhai’s’ birthday


21 Jun 2013
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Hear out Bhai fans! For his 51st birthday, Salman Khan has already decided a return gift. The Bollywood actor is launching his own app on his birthday, which is on December 27. And the actor made it official by teasing the app on his Twitter account. While last week he tweeted about a big surprise coming up for his fans, recently, he posted another tweet teasing the app.

Salman Khan
Get ready . Aa raha hai bada surprise !
#ComingSoon #BirthdaySurprise .

Salman Khan
Khan posted a picture of himself wearing a Being Human merchandise, with a caption plying around the mobile app. He revealed that on December 27, it is his app’s birthday. With this app, the actor basically aims to establish a more personal connect with his fanbase.

Of course, the news has Salman Khan fans on their toes, waiting for the app to be released. And then there are others (may be Shah Rukh Khan fans) who aren’t letting go the opportunity to take a jab at the actor.

Salman Khan
@BeingSalmanKhan Wah awesome. The best gift for us, Thank you so much sir.. eagerly to wait 27th.

We can imagine the app to be somewhat like the Narendra Modi app, which is the Prime Minister’s personal app. The Narendra Modi app, which was launched back in 2015, aims at easing communication between the Prime Minister’s office and the citizens of the nation. The app collates all work done by the Prime Minister, his speeches, and everything at one place. It also informs users on what the Prime Minister is up to, where he is and all related feeds and updates about him. The app also has a ‘My Network’ feature, which allows people to directly connect with Narendra Modi, send and receive messages to him.

Salman Khan isn’t the first Indian actor to launch his personal app. Actress Sonam Kapoor also launched her own app earlier this year, which is unsurprisingly called, ‘Sonam Kapoor’. The app is a one-stop-shop for everything about Sonam Kapoor- from her fashion to fitness, nutrition, beauty secrets and behind-the-scenes footage of her movies. The app is available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

The trend of celebrities launching their personal app actually begun from the West, with international icons like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian releasing their own mobile apps.

Salman Khan app to launch on December 27 to mark ‘Bhai’s’ birthday
Salman Khan’s Being in Touch app launched, here are our first impressions

Hear, hear! As promised, on his 51st birthday, Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan has released a treat for his fans. Right on cue, Salman Khan released his own app today, called the ‘Being In Touch’ app. Currently, the app is only available on the Google Play Store, but there’s no word on whether it will roll out for iOS users.

The actor today tweeted announcing the official launch of his app. The tweet was accompanied by a video, where Salman Khan himself welcomes his fans and says, “ Swagat mat karo aap humara, hum aapka swagat karte hain. Swagat hai Aapka , [Don’t welcome us, we welcome you]. Welcome to Being in Touch, go download the app.” Although it’s hard to believe that people who are actually reading this article won’t know what the ‘Swagat ’ reference means, but it is a popular dialogue of the actor from his film Dabangg 2.

Salman Khan
#BeingInTouchApp is Live on the Google Play Store ! Go Download .

I can bet, many of you rushed to check the app, soon after reading this, but let me tell you, since the app launched just an hour ago, you may find it a little difficult to look up for the app on Google Play Store. So here is a link to the app’s download page.

Before I go into talking about my first impressions of the app, let me please point out one very interesting but about the app. It’s barely been an hour into the release of the app, and there are 24 reviews of the app, all of whom have rated the app with five stars. Such is Bhai’s fanfare!

So, coming back to the app, of course, the app is everything Salman Khan. With close-up shots of the actor on set up page and dashboard. Naturally, that’s exactly what his fans would want to see on his app. The logo and the name of the app, plays around the actor’s philanthropic brand Being Human. In the first look, the app is quite neat and very pleasant to the eyes.

To get started, the app asks a user to register with their email address or password, or they could sync the app with their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram login. Once that’s done, the app would again prompt you for personal details like your name, email address and mobile number, your identity will then be authenticated via a One Time Password (OTP), which will be sent on your registered mobile number. It is a nightmare for those concerned about privacy, but we bet Bhai fans won’t mind sharing their personal information with Bhai.

Once the registering process is sorted, you are in. And it’s basically getting all the information about Salman Khan at one place. The app has different categories listed, like Being in Touch, Khandaan, Being Human Jobs, Fan Wall and About.

In the Being in Touch category, the app essentially integrates all his social media accounts right here, with different tabs for his feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, for each of these tabs, the app prompts you to follow his accounts, if you aren’t already. So, whatever post he puts up on any of his social accounts, it will reflect right here on the app. In addition to that you can retweet, like or share all his posts right from this app as well. Do note, the interface for the Twitter tab on the app is slightly shoddy unless you have Google Chrome installed on your Android phone.

Moving to the ‘Khandaan’ category, a bit confusingly, the section offers coupon codes for availing discounts from his Being Human stores. Currently, the app is showing discounts on the brand’s merchandise and jewellery.

Then there is Being Human Jobs, which as the name suggests, lists job vacancies. However, surprisingly these job applications are not just for Being Human stores, they include offers from various other media houses as well. Most of the listings right now are of marketing and advertising companies.

Then there is the Fan Wall, which is quite interesting but creepy at the same time. When you open the category, it shows a map with multiple pin drops, and when you look closer, you realise, each of these pins are the exact location of other Salman Khan fans who have registered on the app. Your pin shows in black and everybody else’s orange. I am not sure what purpose this Fan Wall serves, except if people would want to meet up and form some sort of a Salman Khan cult.

And the last category is About, which is essentially a detailed profile page of the actor, which has his Biography section that lists some of his photos and a video with a little description on how he feels he is ‘destiny’s favourite child’, and how he has seen all this success because of all the love from his fans. Basically a brief note from the actor about his life.

Then there is a section of Hobbies, which is probably the most adorable section of the entire app. It has pictures of Salman Khan with his dogs, his paintings, him singing, riding a bicycle and a horse, and do not forget, lots and lots of pictures of his dogs.

The app also has dedicated section for the actors daily workout regime, his favourite food, and a link to all his game apps on the Google Play Store. There is also a Filmography section, which has all his movies he has done up till now listed, that are linked to IMDb with embedded links to Amazon Prime videos.

Talking about the technicality, the app is pretty swift. Although the social media tabs do take a while to load, with nothing more than a five second load time. Otherwise, for the Bhai fans this is nothing short of paradise, with amazing close-ups and portrait shots of the actor on each section. There are enough photos of Salman Khan on the app for people to obsess for at least a day. So, go do your share of sighs and oomphs looking at the app!

Salman Khan’s Being in Touch app launched, here are our first impressions
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