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Samsung Galaxy S6 toSport 5-Inch Display,iPhone 6-Like Design:Reports (1 Viewer)


28 Sep 2013
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The anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 ,
which leaks have thus far tipped to
launch on March 2 at MWC, has once
again been leaked, with new details
indicating the handset might sport a
design similar to the iPhone 6.

Additionally, an official user agent profil
of the SM-G920A handset (a series that
was leaked last year and was believed to
be a model number of one of the Galaxy
S6 variants) on Samsung website has
tipped a 5-inch display size.

A Twitter user named Antonio Monaco
has posted an image purportedly
showing the Samsung Galaxy S6
blueprint. Unfortunately, the tweet
doesn't detail much more about the
handset except the name.

The leaked image shows the Galaxy S6's
alleged blueprint with curved side edges
and looks that are clearly inspired by the
Apple iPhone 6.

The home button seen in the Galaxy S6
blueprint, which has been a
differentiating factor for Galaxy
handsets, looks more circular than seen
on the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Other
features seen in the leaked image are
Micro-USB and headphone ports at the
bottom panel; slew of sensors seen on
top of the display, and volume rocker
buttons on the left panel. Another featur
visible on the handset is the volume
rocker buttons on the left panel.

Another leak citing Indian import/ export
site, Zauba, shows the Samsung SM-
G920V and SM-G920F handsets were
shipped in December and January to
India. First spotted by Maktechblog , the
Samsung smartphones were shipped
from the South Korea, and had a
declared value in the range between Rs.
18,000 and Rs. 26,000. One of the most
highlighted features being noted on the
import/ export site was that the Samsun
SM-G920V sports a 5-inch display
(unspecified resolution).

To be noted is that import/ export
website price listings are only declared
values, and usually are not accurate
reflections of actual market price.

Notably, this is not the first time a
possible Samsung Galaxy S6 variant ha
been spotted at Zauba. Previously, a
Samsung device codenamed SM-G430
was spotted at Zauba and was tipped to
sport a 5.5-inch display (unspecified

In the meanwhile a Samsung handset
with model number SM-G920A has
surfaced on the user agent profile sectio
of Samsung's website . The user agent
profile listing of the Samsung SM-G920
handset suggests a Quad-HD display
with a resolution of 1440x2560 pixels
and a rear camera of 16-megapixels.
According to earlier leaked details, the
Samsung Galaxy S6 with model number
SM-G920A is the AT&T carrier variant.

Late last week, popular case maker
Spigen listed Galaxy S6 cases ahead of
the smartphone's official launch. Now,
another case maker over the weekend
has teased cases for the yet-to-be-
announced Galaxy S6. Verus (via
Phonearena) teased the case for the
Galaxy S6 on its Facebook page that
partially shows the handset.
We remind readers however, that nothing
is official yet, and that all such leaks
must be taken with a pinch of salt.


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