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16 Jul 2013
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NEW DELHI: Consumer electronics
company Samsung will launch the
Galaxy Note Edge, the first
smartphone from the company with a
curved right edge, in India in January
2015 as it looks to maintain its lead
in the country's fast-growing market
for the devices.

The limited edition quad-core
smartphone with a 5.6-inch super
Amoled screen will be priced at Rs
68,500 and is likely to be retailed at
Rs 64,900, top executives told ET,
confirming the local launch.

"India's always performed amongst
the best in the world when it comes
to flagship sales," said Asim Warsi,
vice president for mobile and IT at
Samsung India. The India launch
follows the product being unveiled in
key developed markets including the
US, South Korea and Japan.

The LTE device will run on a
Snapdragon processor, powered by a
3,000mAh battery, 16MP camera and
32GB internal memory, expandable
to 128GB.

It will be launched in the first week
of January through traditional retail
and online retail channels.

"India has one of the best Note
attachments, therefore it is important
that every evolution of Note comes
early on in India," Warsi said. The
South Korean company launched the
5.7-inch screen Galaxy Note 4 on
October 17 for Rs 58,300 with
demand outstripping supply. With a
24% share by shipments in India's
smartphone market, which is set to
double to 80 million by 2014 end as
per IDC, Samsung feels that the Note
Edge's design can be a market mover
in the premium segment.

The Note Edge features a flexible
display technology where the right
edge of the screen extends and
curves till it meets the back of the
phone. The extended space performs
multiple functions such as providing
another screen on which users can
see notification displays, incoming
calls, time, weather and stock tickers,
among other tools.

The screen is customizable, allowing
users to decide which apps can be
accessed outside the main screen.

Analysts feel lack of innovation has
been the Achilles' heel for Samsung
in recent times, which led to limited
sales of its flagship Galaxy S5
smartphone, although the company
reiterates it met internal
expectations. Samsung, though, is
pegging the Note Edge as a
technological advance over models
launched in the past three years in
the large-screen smartphone

Samsung to launch curved smartphone, Galaxy Note Edge, at Rs 68,500 - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site


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16 Jul 2013
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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to start selling from first week of January at Rs 64,900

Samsung Electronics has announced
the launch of the Galaxy Note Edge,
the one with a curved screen on the
side, which was showcased along
with the Galaxy Note 4 at the
Samsung Unpacked 2014 event. It will
start selling at select retail outlets at
Rs 64,900 for the 32GB variant.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will
be quite unyieldy for left-handed
The Galaxy Note Edge comes with a
curved display around its edge, called
the Edge Screen, which is located on
the right hand side edge. It
gives users quick access to
frequently-used apps, alerts and
device functionality – even when the
cover is closed or the screen is
locked. Users get the option of
assigning shortcuts to the side when
using he phone, and can even turn it
into a Twitter timeline or stock
market ticker. Samsung has managed
to pack in virtual desktop-like
working environments which can be
switched using the side display or
you could also navigate the
homescreen or app drawer using this

Like the Note 4, the Note Edge has a
Quad-HD screen (1,600×2,560 pixels),
a 2.7 GHz quad-core processor, 3GB
RAM, 32 GB storage space, a microSD
slot with 64 GB support, 16
megapixel rear camera with optical
image stabilisation and a 3.7
megapixel front camera. It also has
the Samsung S Pen just like we had
seen in the Note 4.

The Galaxy Edge screen lets you
express your personality and tastes
by allowing you to design your own
Edge Screen with your favourite
images and text including those
composed using the S Pen.

The design is certainly unique, it
does come with its set of flaws for
instance being uncomfortable for
left-handed users.

Tech2 | Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to start selling from first week of January at Rs 64,900 Tech2 Mobile

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