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‘Savdhaan India’, 11-year-old girl files rape case against her father


1 Jun 2013
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Television shows do affect a person’s private life, if they get inspired by them. The TV shows, especially, create an impact on teenage kids and this is what exactly happened with an 11-year-old girl.

An 11-year-old girl turned hostile in a special court, saying that she complained against her father after watching the TV series ‘Savdhan India’, which gave her the impression that her father’s “loving kisses” were “something wrong”. The court, later, acquitted the man accused of rape.

The girl, in her statement to the magistrate under section 164 of CrPC, said that her dad had done “nothing wrong” to her. Speaking further, she told the magistrate that she was upset with him for fighting with her mother over petty issues. “Maine mummy aur police ko badha chadha ke bola (I exaggerated things before my mother and the police),” the girl said in her statement.

Inspired by TV show ‘Savdhaan India’, 11-year-old girl files rape case against her father
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