Seeking Help SD card not detected by Binge+ STB


29 Mar 2022
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My Binge+ STB is not detecting SD Card.
I tried three different SD Cards with 4GB( Class 4),8GB(Class 4) and 16 GB(Class 10) all formatted as FAT32, all cards are working on mobile phone and laptop but Binge+ STB is not detecting them in SD card Slot.
Pen drives are detected by STB and also the cards are detected when I put them in a USB card reader and attach it to the USB port on STB.
What could be the issue with the SD card slot of the STB,Hardware Problem or a software issue?
Is there anyone who has or is facing similar issue with Binge+ STB and any solution to the problem
Is there any member who is using SD card in Binge + Set top box,please let me know. I Called Tata play customer care for help but was of no use.
Which micro SD Card should be used with Binge+ Box so that it will be detected ?
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