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SES-12 Goes Operational to Serve Asia-Pacific and the Middle East


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6 Oct 2013
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  • 95°E orbital position
  • SES-12 was built by Airbus Defence and Space and is designed to operate for 15 years in geostationary orbit, with a payload comprised of 68 high-power physical Ku-band transponders and 8 physical Ka-band transponders
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23 Sep 2017
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Dish videocon


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14 Nov 2012
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It's mean due to this reason Dish TV not adding new channels?


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7 May 2016
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It's mean due to this reason Dish TV not adding new channels?
Thats not the reason.They are still negotiating with other broadcasters for their renewal of deals which is taking time. How all Star channels have been added as the deal is closed.


30 Jul 2016
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When ses 12 work in india
The current position of SES-12 (from N2YO website) is :
Perigee: 2,143.6 km & Apogee: 62,531.1 km

That means the satellite is still in a highly elliptical orbit. As all of us know, communication satellites needed to be in 36800km circular orbit. The orbital transfer/correction process is going on and it should take at least 3 more months to position in circular orbit.
The satellite will be commisioned only after satisfactorily aligning the beams as per required footage and testing the signals. So altogether it will take around 5 months at least for the satellite to function
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