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Breaking Star Kiran Added by ADTV

somnath chakraborty

29 Jun 2017
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star kiran lcn 597
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1 Jun 2020
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Are they currently airing a dubbed show from StarPlus?



29 May 2011
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@JollyLNB dada, u stated in the other thread " Star Kiran launching tonight on airtel digital tv" that airtel is slow in adding HD channels but i do not think thid is true.
If u notice airtel has added so many HD channels in last 2 or 3 years on launch date or within few days after launch. Yes, in airtel certain HD chs r missing but so is the case with Tata Play. Infact Tata Play has important chs like Colors Cineplex Bollywood, Colors Cineplex Superhits, And Xplor HD missing on its platforms and viewers r not able to so many good movies. In airtel though HD feeds of some chs r missing but one can watch same content on its SD feed. Also airtel has a strong reason for not being able to add these chs at present but for Tata Play i am still unable to understand why they r delaying addition.

If we go into the past, Tata Play was slow in adding HD chs from 2011 to 2015 or 16 as it cited bandwidth issues though star network HD chs were added very fast while many other popular chs from other broadcasters were kept in waiting. I always felt and still feel that Tata Play is somewhat more biased to adding star/disney chs though surely that inclination has gone down to some extent. For those not knowing star/disney owns 30% stake in Tata Play.

During same period airtel was also quite slow in adding HD channels but little bit ahead of Tata Sky (Play) but later on Tata Play went much ahead around 2015 beginning. When Tata Sky (Play) got bandwidth they added almost all pending SD and HD chs while airtel digital tv continued the slow pace until around end of 2019. Post NTO implementation airtel digital tv gathered momentum in adding HD chs which has continued till now.

D2h was the king in addition of HD channels right until 2015 or 16 then it slowed a little bit and after takeover by dish tv it has further slowed down in adding HD chs
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