Star sports HD1 and Star Sports HD2 unblocked in Hathway HD (1 Viewer)


21 Oct 2011
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I had got Hathway HD 3 months ago and all these days Star sports HD1 and Star Sports HD2 were blocked, when I asked LCO, They said I have to pay Rs199 extra. So I did not subscribe for it.
But yesterday these 2 channels were Unblocked and I am very happy that I get to enjoy these 2 HD channels now.. Thanks Hathway Bangalore..
Can anyone else using Hathway HD in Bangalore the same …

Anish Pai

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1 May 2011
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Litto717 bro,

Yes SS HD 1 and SS HD 2 are now available for Hathway HD subscribers in Bangalore. My friend told me about this. Its a very good news to all the users.

BTW, in which pack is it available now ??? as all people get these channels.

Bro, which model of hathway HD STB are you using ???

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