Sad News State Bank of India aims to eliminate Debit Card, Replace with Yono App


29 Jun 2019
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Calm down guys.. It is still 5 years away.. Until 2017, we all used to go to shop to recharge our DTH, Bills etc. Now in 2019 after UPI, at least i am doing that from my home. So of course there will me some innovation like that. Again Debit Card is not the safest method, may be convenient, but not safe. But they need to make those apps fail proof.

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28 Apr 2018
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I think they should not end up implementing it in a hurry. if you check the reviews of the app and recent incidents in virtual apps for transactions we know it is not that secure . until they make digital transaction or App better and safer . they should not force it on people . otherwise most people would migrate to other banks . they did not mention anything about credit cards do they want all people to use only credit cards ?


30 Apr 2011
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YONO digital banking to replace all SBI debit cards: What is YONO, what does SBI plan for debit card users

  • SBI wants its customers to get rid of debit cards for cash withdrawal and payments.
  • SBI's YONO service lets members withdraw cash from an ATM without a debit card.
  • SBI wants to achieve a card-less transaction system within five years.
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5 Oct 2015
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It's not a Good Idea at all to make Debit card obsolete in India.
As per chairman , we have to use Yono app at YONO point to cash withdrawal ..
But there is few limitation
1. All are not familiar with mobile or Mobile app functionality .
2. Internet connectivity is not at all good in rural area or Remote place.
3. Now we can use our atm cards to any bank atm machine to withdrawal of cash. But We have to rely only on SBI YONO point later if it implemented .We have to find YONO point near by us to get money in our hand.
4. YONO is not at all safe , any app can be hacked easily by third party when users are not all concerned about the safety.
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