Sunny Deol wants to copyright his voice


22 Mar 2011
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We can hardly forget his famous 'Papa' which is being parodied everywhere! After hearing numerous such mimicked attempts Sunny is so fed up that he says he should perhaps copyright his voice. "I think I will copyright my voice after all. I am not even aware of the number of places and the ways in which people use my voice," he laughs.

"If people want to use my voice, rather than do a bad copy, I would do the good original bit and lend my own voice," he says, and it is this fact that urged him to dub his voice for Bheem's character in the upcoming animated version of "The Mahabharata". "I had heard that these kids were going to make this film and use my voice for Bheem. So, I decided before the voice becomes a joke, I should play my own part and agreed to dub for it," he says.

That is when someone told him that his voice is also mimicked by a character in a toon series, which is about cockroaches. Sunny shuddered, and immediately said, "Oh, I don't even want to see it. For, if I did, I will get so irritated with the bad copy that I might just end up offering my own voice to that cartoon as well!"
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