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Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor starrer KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI to release on 8th May 2015 (1 Viewer)


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16 Jul 2013
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Devang Dholakia's KUCH KUCH
LOCHA HAI is all set to release on
the 8th May 2015. The film which has
already garnered a lot of curiosity
due to its unusual casting is said to
be a spicy sexy comedy. The film will
see the coming together of Ram
Kapoor, Sunny Leone and Evelyn
Sharma in second lead. KUCH KUCH
LOCHA HAI is being produced my
Mr. K.K Agarwal and Mukesh Purohit
and is being co-produced by
Maximus Multimedia Pvt Ltd. Japan
based Asha Jhaveri has also joined
the project as associate producer.

Speaking on the subject, Mukesh
Purohit, Magic Pictures says, “We are
all excited about KUCH KUCH LOCHA
HAI. We have finished filming 90
percent of the film in a start-to-
finish schedule in Malaysia and only
have a few days of shoot left. The
film has shaped up brilliantly and we
have no doubt that it will be a big
success. We have locked down on
the 8th of May to release our film as
we feel that we want to share this
film with the audience at the earliest
possible date.”

The movie is shot in multiple
locations in India and abroad, the
most recent one being Malaysia. The
post production of the film will
happen in Mumbai.

Ram Kapoor who had a blast during
the shoot of the film was quoted
saying, “Devang’s vision of the movie
was always clear and I love that in a
director. It is his capacity to tap into
the situational elements of comedy
that will make this movie stand out
as a comedy.”

Sharing Ram’s views, Sunny Leone
adds, “I am very excited about KKLH
as it is first step into the comic zone.
I am sure this new avatar of Ram
and I will leave the audience in

Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor starrer KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI to release on 8th May 2015 - Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor starrer KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI to release ...

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