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(Super Lnb)Inverto - IDLU-24UL40-UNMOO-OPP - details


30 Aug 2013
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This Unicable2 LNB enables installations with up to 24 satellite receivers connected over a single coax cable and using the EN50494/EN50607 protocols providing access to unlimited number of transponders (also known as ‘Dynamic’ mode) . Alternatively, it can be configured to deliver a fixed mapping of transponder frequencies to IF frequencies (also known as ‘Static’ mode), allowing an unlimited number of receivers to be connected and providing them access to up to 24 transponders (or more, depending on the bandwidth of the desired transponders) based on digital channel stacking technology.


Digital channel stacking technology uses fast wide­band analog to digital converters and applies digital signal processing to select desired transponder channels, up convert them and stack them as IF signals over the Unicable output ports. The Unicable2 LNB offers a full flexibility of channel selection, supports many more set-top-boxes over existing cabling thus significantly reducing cost and simplifying installations at subscribers homes. The Static mode, allowing an unlimited number of receivers to be connected to the LNB, makes multi-room distribution and MDU installations substantially cheaper and simpler than ever before. The operating mode - dynamic or static - output power level, channel bandwidth, UB numbers, center frequencies and dish alignment mode are all programmable and can be configured and updated in the field using a dedicated programmer device*.


The LNB can be powered over a connected STB or by an AC/DC adapter over a power inserter in case the STB is unable to provide the necessary power. The Unicable2 LNB is backward compatible, fully compliant with both EN50494 and EN50607 standards and integrates seamlessly into EN50494-only or mixed EN50494/EN50607 installations of compatible STBs, Next Generation PVRs and HGWs.


For more information on the Unicable2 technology and its advantages please refer to: www.inverto.tv/unicable2


Main Features:

[BLACK MEDIUM SQUARE] Low phase Noise HDTV-DVBS2 compliant


[BLACK MEDIUM SQUARE] Very high cross-pol isolation

[BLACK MEDIUM SQUARE] Programmable Static frequency mapping mode

[BLACK MEDIUM SQUARE] Dish alignment mode  



11 Oct 2012
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Thanks THAKUR 4K for detailed info on SUPER LNB... :tup:luv


28 Jan 2018
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We have dCSS LNB's which can be programmed for Tatasky and Airtel Transponders.

These are programmable dCSS LNB's. we have them in stock.


14 Oct 2017
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can this Super LNB get out of Coverage Signals on single reciever ......???
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