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Tata Sky to 'un-box' entertainment with new STB; launches digital ad campaign


30 Aug 2013
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On the move video consumption is growing at an aggressive rate in India thanks to the lightning fast penetration of smartphones, tablets and other alternative screens. Addressing the growth, direct-to-home (DTH) operator Tata Sky is set to launch its new upgraded set top box (STB) - Tata Sky+ Transfer, which will enable users to transfer the recorded content onto alternative screens.

While this service immediately raises concern of piracy and content security, Tata Sky has taken care of that aspect. Tata Sky chief communications officer Malay Dikshit says, “The content will be available on the app and will not be transferred as a video file, so sharing that file or uploading it for mass is not possible. Moreover, the content is self destructive, the duration of the content varies from broadcaster to broadcaster, but after a certain period the content will get destroyed automatically.”

All that the new STB needs is a Wi-Fi connection. All other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network can access the recorded content. Not only that, consumers don’t need to lose hefty chunk of their data (bandwidth) to get the recorded content transferred on their mobile devices. The content gets transferred through the wireless local area connection to the locally connected devices. To transfer 30 minutes of content, the preparation procedure takes 30 minutes of time. The resolution is automatically selected by the app as per the infrastructure of the device the content is viewed on. Thirty minutes of content occupies around 200 MB of storage.

The STB, which is priced at Rs 9300, is targeted towards metro centric consumers. Existing Tata Sky customers, who already posses a PVR box, can purchase the new STB for Rs 7200.

To generate awareness amongst the DTH subscribers, Tata Sky in association with Ogilvy One, will be orchestrating a digital campaign called Transferkars. The campaign will have one main film, which will be launched on 4 September. Three teasers will grab consumer attention until then.

The campaign introduces Tata Sky’s latest product the Tata Sky+ Transfer, which enables the STB recording to be available on the subscribers’ tablets and phones.

This campaign uses Tata Sky’s trademark style of using hyperboles and humor to drive home the product messages in an interesting manner. The protagonists Transferkars are a TV addicted family of six, each madly passionate about their shows. The campaign is a series of films that will bring alive the lengths that they go to carry their favourite TV shows with them. The commercial portrays Tata Sky+ Transfer as an innovative product, which solves these problems by enabling subscribers to transfer recorded content on their mobile devices and view it at their convenience. Hence, the campaign concludes with the sign off ‘Record. Transfer. Carry.’

“We already have around 60,000 views in an hour and we are expecting to cross the 100,000 mark today itself. We want to have 400 million impressions for this campaign, which will run for next three months,” added Dikshit.

Shedding light on the consumer behaviours that drove this innovative campaign, he said, “Today, time comes at a premium. The consumer is increasingly finding it difficult to be constrained by fixed timing and location for viewing even recorded content. Thus there is demand for convergence and portability of content. The rapid increase of Wi-Fi enabled homes open up new possibilities and potential for new offerings. The Tata Sky+ Transfer box delivers on this sweet spot allowing subscribers to use their connected homes to enjoy their space and identity. Our focused digital-approach with this new campaign along with the launch of an interactive micro-site would surely intrigue existing and prospective subscribers.”

“It is just the beginning of our endeavours to un-box entertainment for our subscribers,” he added. 

Talking about the campaign’s creative, Ogilvy One senior creative director George Kovoor said, “Tata Sky has once again set the benchmark through this unique digital first campaign. At the heart of the campaign is a family of obsessive TV show fans who not only engage the consumers but also demonstrate the Transfer product in a simple yet entertaining story. Fans can follow this family and their quirks on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even an interactive microsite.”

Differing on the perception that digital content has no production cost and comes free, Kovoor said, “We have used a lot of resources to bring the best out of the campaign. A lot has been spent on the campaign and I hope the creative piece makes a mark in the audiences’ mind.”

“The task for us was to create a high impact campaign centered around digital devices like smartphones and tablets, demonstrating clearly and in in a memorable way how to and in what situations this product is used,” he said.

Campaign Credits:

· Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

· Creative Team: OgilvyOne Worldwide senior creative director George Kovoor & creative director Anand Gharat

· Account Management Team: OgilvyOne Worldwide president Vikram Menon 

· Production House: Corcoise Films

· Director: Bhavesh Kapadia




7 Apr 2015
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Good Concept but bad price !!! I think how many will spend around Rs.9000 for the STB. I would buy a LED TV/Tab/mobile at that price.


1 Jun 2013
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thegreat said:
Good Concept but bad price !!! I think how many will spend around Rs.9000 for the STB. I would buy a LED TV/Tab/mobile at that price.

They will drop price once people stop buying ;)
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