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Discussion The biggest con of owning DTH service in India

Is service engineers visiting charge justified?

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DJ Roy

23 Aug 2018
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The only thing I hate about DTH in this country is service engineers visiting charge. If we are relocating and being charged. It's fair. But coming and charging for visit for some inconvenience cause by the DTH provider is just ridiculous when cable industry is providing the same completely for free since ages. Atleast in my state. They even repair and replaces set top boxes for free.

In this day and age of NTO. Providers are earning upto ₹130 just for the service without channels which should be enough to cover the cost of free visit. IMO customer should atleast deserve 2 free visits a year.

What do you guys have to say on this topic?
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19 Oct 2020
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Well, if you see from technician's perspective, visiting charge is a kind of incentive they receive, more people they visit more money they will get...in a way reaching the customers early.
Otherwise they will either not visit or delay it unnecesarily
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