TRACE launches TRACE Sports HD in Asia-Pacific


7 Apr 2011
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TRACE has launched its new channel TRACE Sports HD in Asia-Pacific. The media group had earlier signed a lease agreement with Asia Satellite Telecommunications (AsiaSat) for additional C-band capacity on AsiaSat 5 to make the launch of the channel possible.

The channel's content includes entertainment; personal stories and lifestyle shows specially provided for sports fans. The channel which is available in English will include Mandarin and Korean subtitles for the audience via cable, DTH, broadband and mobile platforms across Asia and Australasia.

James Ross, CEO of Lightning International, which represents TRACE in Asia, expressed the company’s delight and said that the company's partnership with AsiaSat 5 will enable TRACE to further gain viewership through AsiaSat 5’s unprecedented coverage and excellent access to Asian pay TV platforms.

William Wade, President and CEO of AsiaSat said that TRACE Sports HD's unique and compelling programming coupled with superb image and sound quality, will definitely give Asian viewers more choice and an enhanced viewing experience.

in 2009 Ndtv Distribute Trace Tv (Urban Music And lifestyle Channel in india) But Today Where is Trace Tv ?
Ya .. I remember trace tv use to come to Dish tV platform. It was a nice urban music channel, most of the programming was in french. It use to play lot of french music. But it was removed from the platform. Upon being asked, customer service didnt gave any positive reply... Hope it comes back soon... :)
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