UK TV industry seesrevenue growth: Ofcomreport ‘Entertainment’…This oneis for kids

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30 Aug 2013
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UK TV industry sees
revenue growth: Ofcom
report ‘Entertainment’…This one
is for kids

MUMBAI:A dog rates as the most accepted and loved pet anywhere
and everywhere.They are easily
adaptable to training and loyal as
companions.The pet and the owner
have a tendency
to get emotionally attached to each other, so
much so that fortunes are sometimes willed to
a pet on the owner’s death.
Dogs are often used in films too, usually with
the aim to entertain children or, otherwise, to
solve mysteries . Entertainment seems to have
been inspired from an American film, Bailey’s
Billion$, a children’s film about a pet dog
inheriting a billion dollar and the deceased’s
nephew and spouse wanting to eliminate him
for the billion to pass on to them.
Akshay Kumar is a devoted son who has no
regular job. To tend to his ailing father lying in
hospital, he keeps doing various odd jobs every
day. Every time he does an odd job, he is
shortchanged but he avoids getting into a fight
as his priority is to run to hospital to check on
his father, Darshan Jariwal.
On one such visit to the hospital with his
friend to check on his father, he learns that
Jariwala is not sick at all and just exploiting
Akshay to enjoy the luxury of the five-star
hospital and is romancing a nurse. When
confronted, Jariwala reveals that Akshay is not
his son but he adopted him after a train
accident in which his mother had died and the
compensation to her close relatives was Rs one
lakh which he wanted to claim. Akshay is
actually the son of a wealthy jeweller (played
by Dalip Tahil as a photo frame) from Bangkok
who sired him and later betrayed his mother.
of this
watch a
that his
and decides to go to Bangkok along with his
sidekick, Krishna, to claim his father’s fortune.
On his arrival at his late father’s palatial
mansion, he meets Johny Lever, the family
lawyer and executor of the will. Lever does not
take much convincing to accept Akshay as the
jeweller’s son. However, Akshay can’t inherit
the Rs 3000 crore fortune since his dead
father has bestowed all of it to his pet dog
named Entertainment!
UK TV industry sees
revenue growth: Ofcom

MUMBAI:The Communication Market 2014 report of Ofcom,an
independent regulator and
competition authority for the UK highlights that TV industry generated £12.9 billion in revenue during 2013,an increase of
£426 million (3.4 per cent).
The increase was driven by growth in
subscription revenues and net advertising
revenues. However, there was a small decline
in publicly-funded television programming in
2013, following an eventful year in 2012,
including the London Olympic and Paralympic
The report examines the key developments and
trends seen in the UK television market during
the past year. Some of them include:
Pay-TV subscription revenue continues to drive
the growth as subscription revenues increased
by 6.7 per cent in 2013 to reach almost £5.9
billion. Subscriptions now account for 46 per
cent of all television industry revenues in the
As far as broadcast-based TV advertising
income is concerned, it returned to growth in
2013, increasing by 4 per cent (or £146
million) to reach almost £3.7 billion, its
highest level in the past five years. The largest
proportional growth was in the commercial
PSBs’ portfolio channels, where revenues
increased by 14 per cent to reach a combined
total of £669 million.
Online TV revenue saw an increase of 41 per
cent in 2013 to reach £364 million. The
subscription model saw the steepest growth;
revenue rose by 76 per cent to £112 million,
possibly indicating that online streaming
services are gaining traction in the UK market.
Spend on content by all UK TV channels rose
by 3.7 per cent to reach £5.8 billion. In a
year of English Premier League broadcast
rights renewal, spend on sports programming
grew by 19 per cent to reach £1,808 million
or 59.1 per cent of all programme spend on
commercial non-Public service broadcasting
(PSB) channels. Spend on BBC digital channels
and the other PSBs’ portfolio channels also
increased, rising by 6 per cent and 4 per cent,
respectively. However, spend on first-run
originated programming for the main five PSB
channels declined by 5 per cent; from £2,588
million in 2012 to £2,451 million in 2013,
partly due to there being no major sporting
events that year.
In Q1 2014, 12 per cent of TV households had
a smart TV, an increase of five percentage
points on the previous year. Among smart TV
owners, use of the internet functionality is
increasing. 82 per cent used the internet
connection on their TV in 2014 compared to
77 per cent in 2013 and 65 per cent in 2012.
Nonetheless, the TV viewing has remained
resilient, although there was a decline in 2013
across all age groups. According to
broadcaster audience research board (BARB),
average viewing dropped from 241 minutes in
2012 to 232 in 2013 among all individuals,
with all age groups experiencing declines. This
may be due in part to changing media habits,
but it might also have been influenced by the
hotter summer in 2013 and a lack of ‘event’
viewing – in previous years viewing was
boosted by major sports events such as the
2010 Football World Cup or the Olympic
Games in 2012. However, among 16 to 24 year
olds viewing has declined for three consecutive
years: from 169 minutes in 2010 to 148 in
Click here to read the finer details
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