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[v2.0] How to remove hyperlinks and formatting from post

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27 Oct 2016
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Hello Everyone,

We share articles from various websites. If we copy text from those websites such as NDTV or any other website, it copies formatted text and hyperlinks as well.

The formatted text contains styling information such as color, styles (bold, italic), sizes, etc. This styling helps to highlight important words or phrases.

Along with unnecessary formatted text, we see many hyperlinks added to the copied text. Most of the hyperlinks are internal links (An internal link is a type of hyperlink on a web page to another page or resource on the same website or domain). Those links add no value to the post, and it also does not look good. You can keep important external links (which lead to another website).

Example of copied text with hyperlinks and formatting:

To remove formatted text and hyperlinks, select all the text (Ctrl + A) and click the "Remove Formatting" button. It will remove all the formatting and hyperlinks.


On a mobile device, tap on three-dots and then tap the "Remove formatting" button.


GIF demonstration:

Other methods to remove hyperlinks and formatting

Using Toggle BB code:
Click the Toggle BB code button and then paste the copied text. After pasting, you can unlock the editor settings by clicking again on the button.


On mobile, tap the three dots and then tap the Toggle BB code button.


Using Paste as plain text option: Suppose you copied text from another website that contains hyperlinks and formatting. You can avoid this in the first place by using the paste shortcut ctrl + shift + v instead of ctrl + v. This method works on desktop version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (chromium-based). Alternatively, right-click and select Paste as plain text instead of Paste.


Using Windows Notepad: Copy the text from the website and paste it into Windows notepad and again copy that text from notepad and paste it in the DDF editor.

To remove hyperlinks manually, click on the text that includes a link and then click Unlink.

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