Videocon D2H HD DVR 1000 gb!! should buy or not.

Should Videocon HD DVR 1000gb be prefered over Tata Sky HD+

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 2 66.7%

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2 Apr 2015
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Hello friends!!
I'm new to this forum, so sorry in advance if any mistakes are found in post.:)

I had picked out Videocon HD DVR 1000 GB model as my choice coz of it being cheaper, more HD channels, 1000 gb hard drive....

BUT.... I'm also coming through negative reviews on internet.. So I request you all to please help me out on some points listed below as they are true or false:

1. It is said that STB hardware and software aren't that good. UI is very laggy.
2. someone wrote that it sometimes it takes some 10-15 secs to change channels!!!
3. Recording feature isn't that good. recording starts as per set show time but do not stops at the end of show..
4. EPG takes a lot of time to load...

Please please please do help me out on getting correct information on above points. Also if you have any review on this model, do let me know.


8 Dec 2012
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Prateek Marwadi said:
except third point every point is true
for this u shud select adtv
Pls dont! I lost 6 months subscription with it, the entire software always goes to default frequently,got a friend to reinstall each time ,finally warranty dispute I threw the box with 6 months in it:angry Nw using box 2222:)


23 May 2012
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Point 3 is also true if u are using latest software!


26 Feb 2012
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I hv only one review, plz dont buy this dvr its worst dvr and if anyone bought it already he shud throw it in Dustbin like i did with mine one [emoji38]
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