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Videocon D2h issues


24 Mar 2019
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I have requested for my d2h reinstallation on 18th Mar with a request that i will be available till 10 AM at home and as promised that it will be completed in 24 hrs but no body came till 19th so i again contacted your customer care and i was informed that it will be resolved in 8 hrs but nobody came till 20th Mat 12 PM. At 12: 38 i received a call that i have to come for reinstallation but i told him that i will be available till 10 AM so come next day but on 21st i again called him at 9 am but no answer so again called cusfomer care, so they logged a complain and again on 22nd i received a call at 11:45 that i have to come from a engineer and again i told the same thing and he told ok i will come next day. i co tacted in afternoon to customer care to inform for the same but i was informed that engineer has closed my call stating that i have refused to pay afer work. so i asked customer care when nobody has came than how come i will refuse and why i will refuse so he again raised a complain but till now nobody came and whenever i am calling engineer he is saying coming in 1 hr but never came also whenever i am calling your customer care for complain since 23rd i am told that due to technical issue will be not able to help you. is this customer service.


21 Aug 2019
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I have recharged on 29-06 2019 till date ( today 21-08-2019) neither i got back my money nor the connection resumed till now.
I have send many complaints and have provided so many times yet it is not resolved.
Is there a one point correspondence where we can get result.
Customer care department of no use for me. Because I have been trying since 30-06-2019 till now with them.
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