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Videocon d2h says ready to meet market demand ahead of DAS III deadline


30 Sep 2012
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MUMBAI: Direct-to-home (DTH) company Videocon d2h said Wednesday that it is fully geared up for the 31 December deadline for DAS Phase III.

As per Videocon d2h estimates, Phase III has around 50 million TV households. The company anticipates a huge demand for set-top boxes (STBs).

Videocon d2h has ample STBs to cater to the demand of the digitised towns. Said Videocon d2h CEO Anil Khera, “Consumers who are on analogue cable mode can subscribe to a Videocon d2h digital STB to access uninterrupted services before digitisation is implemented. Videocon d2h has ample STBs to cater to the demand of the digitised towns.

Consumers can subscribe to Videocon d2h to avoid a blackout of the analogue cable services and enjoy the wide range of channels and services provided.”

After its second quarter results for July–September 2015, the DTH company had said that it had an inventory of a million STBs and that it could procure another 500,000 on a one-month notice at its in-house production unit.

“Our factory can deliver half a million STBs in one month. So we have one million in hand and we can get half a million on notice of 30 days, which is good enough to cover any spurts during digitisation,” Videocon d2h executive chairman Saurabh Dhoot had said.

Incidentally, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has expressed satisfaction at the progress of the seeding of STBs in Phase III areas.

TRAI also advised consumers of urban areas who are still receiving cable TV services without STBs to avail and install STBs before the cut-off date in order to receive uninterrupted cable TV services. It has reaffirmed its commitment to meeting the deadline in its latest communiqué.

Dhoot said, “We welcome the digitisation mandate by the government wholeheartedly and will continue to support this initiative.

The latest communication by the government in reaffirming its commitment is encouraging. This will ensure world-class services to end consumers and create a level playing field between DTH and cable.”

TRAI has been taking steps to create awareness among consumers and stakeholders by holding workshops on the implementation of DAS and consumer outreach programmes.

Videocon d2h says ready to meet market demand ahead of DAS III deadline | TelevisionPost.com


Tata Play Expert
16 Jul 2013
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That's Good News for DAS III nd D2h :tup


M Jahabar Sadiq
16 May 2011
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ayanc99 said:
No shortage of boxes but lots of space shortage!!

SarfaRaZ said:
Yes :( hope D2h gets new Tps soon :)

They already have 2 TPs on their hand and they just need to activate them. Confirmed by technical and quality head for the entire Tamil Nadu.

Check here: Link Removed


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