What is HD PVR


3 Nov 2010
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Simple "HD" Mean high definition And "PVR"Mean personal video recorder
A HD PVR Have These Function ,
HD PVR is the world’s first High Definition video recorder for making real-time H.264 compressed recordings at resolutions up to 480i / 480p / 576i/ 576p/ 720p/1080i i, HD-PVR records component video (YCrCb) from satellite set top boxes, with a built-in IR blaster[Tuner] to automatically change TV channels for scheduled recordings. Audio is recorded using two channel stereo or optical audio with five channel Dolby Digital. The recording format is AVCHD, which can be used to burn Blu-ray DVD disks. Two hours of HD recordings, recorded at 5 Mbits/sec, can be burnt onto a standard 4.7 GByte DVD-R or DVD-RW disk for playback on a Blu-ray DVD player.Some Pvr Have Double Tuner one for Recording and second For Watching, in double tuner Pvr we can watch other Channel and Record Any other channel

Welcome If Any other Suggestion For Meaning "HD PVR"
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