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What's new on our v2.0 website - Feature tour!

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Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Today we’re happy to introduce the latest look for DreamDTH Forums. This time around however, it’s not just a facelift, we’ve added some great new features and sped up the site a lot. So what’s new? Let me show you.

Some highlights on what's new in our new website:

Brand new Recent Activity system which replaces the old Forum Statistics table
Its a work in progress thing currently, so not fully functional. Extension to more areas and auto refresh are planned.​


Native web browser based Emoji support* ✍️

Example given above.:D

Retina avatar and smilie support

Avatars and smilies now support high-DPI imagery, allowing for a crisp, high resolution display to match the text on displays that support 2x resolution graphics, such as Apple's retina displays.​

Enhanced message editing

Rather than opening an overlay, editing messages is now done entirely in-place, with the content of messages replaced by a full-fledged message editor that allows the complete range of editing and posting actions, including attachment management.​

New content filtering system

Content list pages where now can filter specific content with selected criteria more easily​

Member tooltip

Old member card has been replaced with a new member tooltip, which appears on the first click on a member's name. A further click will load the member's full profile page.​


Keyboard shortcut system and enhanced keyboard navigation

Our new site includes an easy method to assign keyboard shortcuts to commonly-used controls, such as searching and opening the alerts list. These shortcuts are defined with simple template edits, and allow for very rapid navigation with a keyboard.​
Additionally, the system can determine whether the user is currently using touch, mouse or keyboard navigation at any given time, and will highlight the currently-selected link or control appropriately when keyboard navigation is enabled, while hiding the selection when using touch or mouse methods.​
Quick thread

Quick Thread is a brand new system introduced in version. Above the list of threads on a forum page you will find a title entry box. Focusing this box and starting to type a thread title will load a quick message editor, in which you can post the content for the first post of your new thread. Hitting the save button will then post the thread, leaving you on the forum page rather than redirecting you to the thread page. This makes the process of creating a new simple thread extremely quick and easy.​

New media embedding features

The BB Code Media system has been significantly enhanced, and now supports embedding Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, Reddit posts and comments, Spotify and Soundcloud tracks, albums and playlists and a whole host of others.​

Alerts in browser favicon with count

When new alerts or unread conversation messages are available, the site icon (shown in the browser title bar) will have a badge added to it, showing that there are items waiting to be viewed.​


What’s New and Find Threads

To aid in content discovery, we have introduced a brand new 'What's new' system, which can fetch new content from all sources across the system, including threads and posts.​


I hope i have said enough for now, so now check out our new website and find even more small to BIG changes. There are lot more, and like many others you will start loving the site even more.. Have a great browsing experience with us along with quality contents.;)

Bapun & Team DDF


5 Jan 2015
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5 Jul 2016
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Excellent, keep the good work going well
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