Which dth to choose airtel or dish tv ?


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28 Mar 2016
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Hi guys i recently bought new mitv so am planning to buy new dth connection...so i contacted my local dealer he suggest me to buy dish tv connection and mostly all connections in my area are dish tv only very few people hav other dish connections...so can i go with dish tv like other people or airtel tv ?? And how much it will cost for dish tv or airtel for hd connection ?

DJ Roy

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23 Aug 2018
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Buy Airtel. Dish TV bundles one month free connection. That's why it's famous. Airtel has better service. I am using Tata Sky there service is horrendous and takes ages to address complaints. I am planning soon to move to Airtel as well.


25 Oct 2019
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I'm both Airtel & DishTV user in HD connection.
Been using DishTV since past 3 years and Airtel since 9 years. Still faced no major problems, also service guys (on social media) are helpful.

Difference between Airtel & DishTV is UI.
Both's remote control sometimes slow to respond to TV. I got Full HD 1080p LED TV. Picture quality is sharper (sometimes oversharpen) on DishTV, but Airtel’s is natural. The audio quality is clearer in Airtel.

If you go for airtel, beware of customer care phone calls, as they'll tell you “as a valuable customer, you're getting this *channel* for one month” but the thing they WON'T tell is it's NOT FOR FREE! so don't share the OTP if they ask.

I was a Tata Sky user, used since 2008 to 2010. And my feedback is NEVER EVER DO THE MISTAKE to get Tata Sky. Also horrible no signal problem, poor customer service, etc.

I hope I've given answer to your question.
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