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Discussion Will limited episode shows be successful in India if forced by MIB?

Will limited episode shows be successful in India if forced by MIB?

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24 Mar 2016
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Indian TV shows surely lack quality!
We never saw something good such as breaking bad, FRIENDS and when many of us discovered it for the first time we loved it. We wanted to see more like that.

The main problem with Indian shows is that they just keep dragging it for a longer time. Simply they're following "jo bikta hai wo tikta hai"(Whatever had good sale will stay longer). For example, A show like yeh rishta kya kehlata hai on star plus is running more than 10 years. The show initially has shown the journey of akshara and her hurdles after getting married in a great joint family. subsequently, her daughter 'naira' becomes the main protagonist and now even her child has appeared in the show. The irony is with every time leap they get cast gets younger.

Though I don't mean to say bad about this show it was just an example and there are many others like that. The main thing I want to point out is this needs to STOP somewhere. All these are results of the earlier 2000's 'K' shows. It tasted success and Indian TV shows forgot they can be more creative instead of creating the same shows with new faces.Audience also kept accepting whatever shown being unaware of potential of the platform.

Also, I want to appreciate broadcasters for even producing good shows like POW,24 or even many shows on Sony TV. But our audience was busy in watching shows running from years they ignored these good shows.

AS We know Government has brought a major change in the pricing of channel or even asking broadcasters to use subtitles.
If they ask broadcasters to produce shows running maximum till 100 or 150 episodes will it be successful? Will producers give good shows?

Give your opinions.

Shantanu Upadhyay

7 Jan 2018
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Previously Star Bharat was very good at limiting the period of its shows I.e. 6 to 7 months. But now they also started stretching their shows.(I think channel head got changed).

Sony tv Serials time period is comparatively fine. But star, Zee & colors are Worst


23 Aug 2018
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Both weekdays format and weekly format can exist. Both has different audiences. Our Breaking Bad and Friends is gonna be on OTT platform. Remember we are an audience who are ready to pay ₹84/month for Hotstar + Internet charges but not ₹75 on TV channel + Satellite rent and there is no restriction on OTT's yet. You guys might think violence and n*d*ty are only restrictions. There is a huge list of restrictions which I am afraid to list here.

I personally prefer the strip format as our government doesn't do anything for mental health. And most Indians can't afford to go out. They get to come to home from offices and take their stress out on tv. Also there is no guarantee that limited series would be good. Take shows like CID which converted from weekly episodic program. Still the writing sucked

Meanwhile MIB has no authority to intervene in broadcasters strategy. They have their Doodarshan to play it. Don't they dare mess our tv industry which TRAI has already paralysed.
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