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WWE SmackDown LIVE Results (1 Viewer)


20 Feb 2018
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26 Feb 2014
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What an underwhelming episode of SmackDown i just watched. Nothing but hype. After months i tuned in to watch it live at 5:30 and i must say i should have just slept and watched it later. Other than the opening segment where Rock appeared and beat up Corbin (For no reason) along with Becky Lynch and appearance of former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez in the main event nothing felt great.

I get it that they want to hype it up but not this way. Not one match was good and the electric atmosphere faded quickly once Rock left. The main event between Kofi and Lesnar ended in just a few seconds and that wasn't a problem since i hate Kingston anyway. Atleast if they had one good match I'd have not complained as much. But there was just nothing but ads and 0 buildup. Announcers didn't even mention anything about the draft next week and also the build up for HIAC was non existent other than Seth vs Wyatt.

What i did like was the new set and theme. By far the best set since the SmackDown fist set which was used well over a decade ago and also the 2 man announce team of Cole and Graves. Hopefully Renee doesn't become a part of this since it's not needed at all. They had some Fox NFL presenter do a backstage interview with the new day and she was really good.

Hope next week will be better. If not i am not bothering with this much longer. I had quit watching wrestling for months and watched it for the sake of "premiere" which was supposed to be different but it was nothing but same. Raw itself wasn't good this week other than first hour yet it beats SmackDown this week overall imo. SmackDown felt like a 2 hour garbage episode of RAW and RAW felt like a longer episode of SmackDown (if you know what i mean).


12 Apr 2012
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Yes it was not upto the mark as the hype was created the new stage and pyro were somewhat good but the premiere was somewhat little bit boring as people were expecting something new and they were disappointed with that lets hope next week when the draft takes place something interesting comes out of it

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