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Article &xplor HD – ZEEL’s new premium Hindi movie offering (1 Viewer)


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5 Oct 2014
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Special Thanks to Genesis BCW and Ayan Dutta for letting us in on the press release first hand
We are venturing close to proper journalism with every step. :clap2: Thank you to @Basil for being at the forefront of covering the news and promos and writing the article. :cheers: Now the ribbon has been cut and the party can begin! :gift2:

Over the weekend I may come up with an article about the evolution of the Hindi movie channel market.

P.S. @Gssran, @Dinesh jain and other sat trackers, what is the status of this channel on the C band? :huh:
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13 Oct 2017
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Exclusive First Hands Thanks & Love to @Basil Bhai for keeping continous Eyes on the development of & Xplor HD.

Party will be on full swing as of when it will be on DTH to hit the TV Screen.

Special mention to @JollyLNB Bhai for continous endavour on & Xplor HD. Now I hope You will be relieved & counting days to start viewing the same.

Waiting for Your Valuable interception in the Article on the Evolution oF Hindi Movie Market very soon @JollyLNB Bhai.

DDF Rocks........

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