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Zee Café launches new property to air uncensored content


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6 Oct 2013
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MUMBAI: English GEC Zee Café has launched a new property called ‘Uncut’ where it is airing an hour of unfiltered and uncensored content every Monday to Thursday at 11 pm.

The channel is airing Seasons 1 to 9 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ under this segment. It is targeting audiences who want to enjoy their favourite TV shows without any beeps and cuts.

The channel has clarified that it will comply with the Indian broadcasting standards.

The property launched on 10 May. Zee English cluster business head Ali Zaidi said, “With the kind of exposure Indian viewers have to English entertainment, we thought it would be the right opportunity to bring them the shows they love in a way they would want it to be.

‘Uncut’ is our first step towards that innovation and we are hopeful the impact would be positive.”

Read more at: Zee Café launches new property to air uncensored content | TelevisionPost.com | TelevisionPost.com


20 Sep 2014
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do not think to watch uncut scene on indian dth platform because every channel are in the eye of officers and there are many people to put complaint on content of the channels
so if they show any thing soon it will be stoped
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