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Zindagi brings back‘Behadd’ (1 Viewer)


28 Sep 2013
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MUMBAI: Zindagi is bringing back the tale of
love ‘Behadd’. The Pakistani telefilm will air
on 15 February at 1 pm and 8 pm.
Rekindling the magic with Fawad Khan, the
telefilm contrasts selfish love with one that
is selfless.

Written by Umera Ahmed, the plot revolves
around the dynamics of a relationship
between a mother and a daughter, showing
how their love for each other becomes the
cause of their heartache.

‘Behadd’ is the story of three characters—
Masooma (played by Nadia Jamil), her 15-
year old daughter Maha (played by Sajal Ali)
and Masooma’s best friend’s brother Jamal,
aka Jo (enacted by Fawad Khan). After her
husband’s death in a road accident,
Masooma’s life is centred on her job and her
teenage daughter. After some years, Jo
returns to Pakistan and becomes a part of
Masooma’s life once again.

While Masooma is happy to have an old
friend around, she is pleasantly surprised to
see Maha bond with Jo with great ease and
comfort. For Masooma, Jo is her best
friend’s brother but for Jo, Masooma is the
woman he wants to marry. Things start
changing when Jo proposes to Masooma and
she decides to take Maha’s opinion about
them getting married.

Fawad Khan, who played an ideal husband
and son in ‘Humsafar’, and a flirty and
handsome guy in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, is
seen in a different avatar in ‘Behadd’.

Zindagi brings back ‘Behadd’ | TelevisionPost.com

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