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Zindagi brings two new shows –Noorpur Ki Rani and Maat


30 Aug 2013
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MUMBAI: Zindagi, which launched with shows
from Pakistan in the first phase, will treat
audiences to new shows every month. The
channel is merely three weeks old and is
already gearing up to launch two new shows as
its hugely acclaimed shows Aunn Zara came to
an end yesterday and Zindagi Gulzar will end
on 18th July. And, keeping its promise to offer
fresh programming every month, Zindagi has
two new show launches this month - Maat&
Noorpur Ki Rani – in place of both the shows.
On 13th July at 8:55 PM, Noorpur Ki Rani ,
replaced the refreshing rom-com Aunn Zara
and is a story of paradoxes brought out by
contrasting characters of Noorie and Princess
Rania. Orphaned at a young age, Noorie comes
from an impoverished background and goes
through turbulent times before her life takes a
magical turn and she finds a new life in the
palace. On the other hand, Princess Rania, the
owner of the palace, is brought by fate to
circumstances she never imagined possible.
The gorgeous Sanam Baloch will enact the
character of Noorie and it also stars the
veteran actor, Naumaan Ijaz in a central role.
Maat , which will replace the mature love story
Zindagi Gulzar Hai will air at 8:00 PM slot
starting July 19th, is the story of two sisters,
Aiman and Saman who are poles apart. Aiman
is generous and Saman is the mean sister who
always tries to snatch whatever her sister has.
The story takes a turn when Saman claims her
right on something that is very dear to Aiman
giving rise to very interesting twists and turns.
With viewers raving about the natural talent
and irresistible good looks of Fawad Khan,
Sanam Saeed, Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali,
the new show, Maat will bring to Indian
Television, two of Pakistan’s most talented
actresses– the beautiful Aminah Sheikh and the
vivacious Sabah Qamar.
Tune into to Zindagi every day, Monday to
Sunday 8:00 PM onwards! Zindagi brings two new shows –Noorpur Ki Rani and Maat | Indian Television Dot Com
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